Become a Scream Monster :)

It´s a scream game: The better you scream, the more points you get. Become a Scream Monster and beat your friends!

After a character selection (male or female), player is asked to listen to screams and repeat them as precisely she can. A precise copy is awarded by a point. There are 3 levels with increasing difficulty in the game.

Oslo is a city where Edward Munch painted his famous Scream. It's also a hometown of Mayhem, a legendary black metal band. The game is made of screams recorded in this city in dark nights of winter 2011/2012

Game design: Petr Svarovsky

Programming: Petr Svarovsky

Graphic design: Petr Svarovsky

Photo: Jitka Kralova

Screams: Isabell Langvatn Goren, Silje Johanessen, Lisa Jørgensen, Lee Montgomery, Mari Opsahl, Petr Svarovsky,  Arja Margrethe Wiik-Hansen