“Probably the last game I´ll ever play on my current phone.”
-- Anders Kronseth Langstrand

S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sport game. Player is supposed to throw his phone as high as possible and catch it. The App measures the height the phone flied from players hand. The higher, the better. There is a possibility to upload result to server and check results of other players.

Note: The App may behave differently on different devices due different behavior of accelerometers (some phones give wrong result when they rotate, for example).

Hints: Be careful not to injure yourself or others. Be always aware that there is enough space above you and around you. Do some training to learn right skills to get best results.

Warning: Author and distributor of S.M.T.H. is not liable for any damages or injuries arising out of playing the S.M.T.H. game.


1. Start the game

2. Agree on disclaimer

3. Throw your phone high

4. Catch it and watch result

5. Share your result

6. Avoid wrong practices